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Governor Ayade: Standing For God And For The Youths

gov. ayadeThe best legacy that leadership in political authority at any given time and place can proudly bequeath to the future generation is when that authority deliberately decides to equip in all ramifications, the youths who are a bridge between the present and the future, those who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Provision of a solid foundation that will inculcate the right attitude and character culturally, economically, politically and socially on the youths is the desire of any God fearing and populace administration.

Any governmental authority with such policy direction that is people –oriented in all depth and approach is deliberately and systematically building and sustaining an unbroken chain that will keep the amber of growth and development of such a society burning throughout the generations.

Such a government would certainly be a government on the side of God because it is committed to lead in accord with the will of the creator and in the building of the present and the future of that society.

This it will do by providing the young people the opportunity to express themselves and contribute their energy and talents to the development of the society.

It is this direction that the administration of the Governor of Cross River State, Senator Benedict Ayade has consistently pursued right from its inception with its populace policies hinged on providing and creating employment opportunities for the youths and laying a solid substructure for the tomorrow of our dream.

Never in the history of Cross River State has the youths of the state been given an unimpeded voice in the political affairs and scheme of things in the state; never has the younger generation been so favoured in terms of provision of employment opportunities; never has any government brought in so many youths into government through political appointments as did Senator Benedict Ayade in the midst of paucity of funds and global economic downturn.

The youths and people of Cross River State have never had it so good as it is under Senator Ayade who besides the expanded government which has brought in a lot of young people to positions of responsibility/relevance, his administration is also committed to building a solid economic base for the state infrastructure-wise and industrially.

The various planned industries and development projects, ongoing ones such as the garment factory, the signature projects and other projects will certainly provide thousands of job opportunities to Cross Riverians and the youths in particular when completed.

The pointers are unambiguous to the reality that these projects and programmes hold the key to the economic freedom of the state and its people.

It is only a man or woman who is senile and only fit to be consigned to lunatic asylum that will deny the stark reality that when pursued to a logical conclusion, the projects and programmes of Governor Ayade will provide a solid foundation for the technological transformation of the state and the nation as a whole. It will be stating the obvious to say again that job opportunities will be the end result.

So far, Governor Ayade has not only proved that he has a clear and good intention to develop Cross River State, but that he also has the love, passion and drive to develop the intellectual depth of the youths, and empower them economically to become entrepreneurs.

Ayade’s government is a government committed to working for the oppressed and the voiceless and the neglected in our society. It is a government with the passionate desire to ensure that every part of the state, no matter how remote, small and insignificant, it is made to have a sense of belonging.

The government is therefore for the glory of God Almighty, for the empowerment/capacity building of the people and for the socio-economic, cultural and political liberation of Cross Riverians of our generation and the future generations.

Certainly, Governor Ayade has done pretty well within a very short span of seven months, and he does not therefore deserve anything less than support and appreciation from his fellow Cross Riverians and other Nigerians residing in the state.

Even the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari, the father of the nation appreciates the fact that Governor Ayade’s leadership is sincere towards fulfilling the development agenda it has set for itself.

It is based on this premise that President Buhari last year personally came and performed the ground breaking ceremony of the superhighway, and directed the governor to be reporting to him quarterly the progress of work on the projects. It was based on this commitment and task that Senator Ayade met with Mr. President recently in Abuja.

At the global level, the positive role which the Cross River Governor, Senator Ayade is playing in the current fight against Climate Change is appreciated and recognized by the International Community, which is a major plus for the state and Nigeria as a nation.

As part of a deliberate policy to ensure the success of the climate change war, Governor Ayade ensured that the 2015 theme of Carnival Calabar was “Climate Change” and that the 2016 theme will also be “Climate change” to draw sufficient global awareness to the imperative of protecting the environment.

To support words with action, the governor has promised that 5 million trees will be planted and Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State will become a green city with sufficient trees; and that process had already commenced during the round up of the 2015 Carnival Calabar, an aspect which was tagged “Green Carnival”.

There are things that are commonly beneficial to all irrespective of political, religious or socio-economic differences, the projects and programmes of Senator Benedict Ayade, Governor of Cross River state, are those well intended and thought out projects and programmes that should be seen beyond those differences.

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