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Cross River Piles, Poles and Pylon Factory, Another Phase Of Industrial Triumph

It is no longer news that the wave of industrial revolution sweeping across the entire landscape of Cross River State under Ayade’s watch has begun to engender economic growth, an end to the era of “civil service” status for the innovative, resourceful and enterprising people of Cross River State,

The emergence of these labour-hungry-industries tailored to impose huge demands on the overpopulated labour market and douse social tension has  taken the Cross River industrialization to a, remarkably, more impressive dimension.

While companies like the Garment Factory, Ultra-Modern Cocoa Factory, Rice City, Organo-Fertilizer Plant, Toothpick Factory, CalaPharm, Ultra-Modern Rice Mill, Calachicka, etc are no longer news, the “Piles, Poles and Pylon Factory” another master stroke in the trailblazing industrialization drive of Governor Ben Ayade is still strange to crossriverians which is why I will be dwelling on details about the “Piles, Poles and Pylon Factory” in this article.

The Piles and Pylon factory located at Awi in Akamkpa Local Government Area of Cross River State is primarily designed to feed two major companies under construction in the state with the needed construction materials for both sub and super structures.

For many, the thought of a deep seaport seemed impossible and unrealistic due to the State’s paltry Federal Allocation. Aware of how exorbitant it is to construct a Deep Seaport, Governor Ayade’s inventive brilliance was brought to bare as he initiated the Piles and Poles and Pylon factory which will produce all the raw materials needed for construction.

For the Deep Seaport, the PPP company will produce all the civil structures needed to support the construction. While the Piles will provide the sub-structure the pylon will take care of the super-structure.

The Piles are essentially those underground structures that will support and hold the deep seaport. In other words, they are like the foundations of the deep seaport. Then we have the Pylons, the Pylons are the structures above ground that will help in the transmission and distribution of power within the deep seaport.

The design of the piles and the geotechnical studies were long completed and the machines in the facility were tested two weeks. The picture and industrialization road map gets even more clearer and exciting.

With the provision of these materials from a domestic industry, the cost implication of the Deep Seaport will be reduced, minimally.

For the Integrated Power Company, Governor Ayade has completed the construction of a 26megawat Power plant but the need to evacuate that power to support the Central and Northern part of the State becomes a challenge with the poor transmission system.

In his wisdom the digital governor opted to facilitate and remedy the poor transmission system. The PPP company will manufacture vibrated concrete poles with longer life-span to withstand the wind torrents of coastal states like Cross River.

Today in Cross River State, we go as far as Kogi State to buy electric Poles, those Poles are not designed to take certain level of wind speed, considering our closeness to the coast with all the waves coming from the atlantic ocean and with severe collision directly on some of this electric poles, it is the reason for frequent breaks, cracks and eventual destruction of our electric poles.

Ayade’s shift from the aluminum lattice to the concrete mono-pole which is the latest technology deployed all over the globe is a stroke of genius. A vibrated concrete electric pole production unit was incorporated into this factory.

Again, Cross River State will be producing and selling concrete vibrated mono-block poles across the whole of Nigeria. So if you really want quality poles, you have to come to Cross River State. It will be the first of its kind in Nigeria”.

This factory will produce Piles, Pylons and Poles which is why it is called the Piles, Pylons and Poles Factory.  

The Cross River State governor is digitally thinking ahead. While dredging is ongoing, the production of all the piles and pylons necessary for the construction phase is set to commence.

The Piles, Poles and Pylon Factory is another phase of Industrial triumph because of its complementary role with the Deep Seaport. While it will provide piles and pylon material for the Deep Seaport till completion, the Deep Seaport, at completion, will serve as gateway for the exportation of these materials to neighboring coastal countries. That is to say, at the completion of both Piles, Pylon and Pole Company and Deep Seaport, the products from the company will, inexorably, have export value and create a more viable revenue alternative than the usual dependence on Federation Account And Allocation Committee (FAAC) . Cross River State, based on the massive size of the Piles, Pylon and Poles Industry, will serve as the largest distribution outlet of these materials to, not just Nigeria, but Africa.

The number of companies mentioned above will be nothing compared to the number of companies drifting to Cross River once the Deep Seaport is completed. There would be so many labour-hungry industries that the government may start bothering herself with policy options of making the labour market active. Since the skills required to function in the private sector is rather professional and practical, it may become necessary for government to make the labour market very active with deliberate policy of getting the youth more employable. How can this be achieved? a social investment agenda of some sort with specific focus on active labour market policy in form of capacity enhancement and aptitude development to feed the labour- hungry-industries created by Ayade with the needed manpower that will be highly equipped with the required skills. What this will mean is that the monopoly which the public/civil service had played on our economy shall be broken and Crossriverians will now be exposed to choices of where to work and make ends-meet.

Soon and very soon, with the completion of the Deep Seaport and other companies, Cross River State will triumph over her laid back status as a civil service dominated economy and emerge as the largest employer of labour in Nigeria. While it cannot be argued that the governor’s trajectory blue-print is shaped by his business orientation, it can be established that this rise of industries is the best economic reform, ever, in the state. I know that crossriverians will want these strides and lofty achievements to be sustained. That’s why there is no vacancy in 2019.

Nate Otaba is the Special Assistant New Media to Gov. Ben Ayade
He writes from Calabar

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